TNP On The Road (TOR)

Company Information

Company Name TNP On The Road Corporation
Representative Chief Executive Officer  Katsuhiro Yamashita
Address Shin-yokohama SR Bldg. 8F, 3-6-1, Shin-yokohama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa, Japan, 222-0033
Capital Stock 50,000,000 yen
Foundation April 5, 2005
Stockholder TNP Partners
Managing Fund TNP Small/Medium Size & Venture Enterprises Growth Promotion Investment Limited Partnership


Business Overview

TNP On The Road Corporation was established as a network-based hands-on venture capital company with a focus on further developing new industries and Japan, and R&D-oriented venture businesses based on full utilization of know-how, accumulated for five years by TNP, on how to effectively uncover, support and nurture said companies and networks which support them.

 Business Philosophy

1) As a manager of risk capital, be a venture capital company based on creating new industries.
2) Contribute to economic development, as well as growth and expansion of society through such creation of new industries.
3) Taking a role in being a driver of society-at-large, public aspects as well as public benefits.

 Nature of Business

Network-based hands-on venture capital

■ Key features of TOR

1) TOR has continued to build a unique infrastructure, including MINERVA and gathered by people, resources, money and information from around the world.
2) TOR has capabilities to position it's portfolio companies in a rapid manner via various networks and can engineer this business model
3) TOR has the ability to engage in effective risk management of it's portfolio companies due to the constant proximity of information on it's companies which it keeps updated and close.
As the results,
◇ Excellent and concentrated investment target could be possible.
◇ Mechanism by hands-on management controls people, goods, funds and collect information.
◇ Risk management becomes possible and it maximizes corporate value through hands-on.
◇ Investment with high leverage is possible at the beginning of 'seed stage'.



Chief Executive Officer  Katsuhiro Yamashita (Investment Manager)
1984 Joined Nomura Securities, Sales Division; followed by upward assignments to Hong Kong Branch, Investment Information Division,Corporate Division
2000 Co-Founding Member, TNP Partners
2003 Director, TNP Partners
2005 Chief Executive Officer, TNP On The Road
2007 Director, Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA"
Director  Hirohide Harakawa(Investment Manager, TOL)
1988 Joined Nomura Securities, Sales Division; followed by Corporate Service Division Branch
2000 Co-Founding Member, TNP Partners
2005 Director, TNP On The Road
Director  Yasushi Takagi (Investment Manager)
1988 Joined Nomura Securities, Sales Division; followed by Corporate Service Division Branch
2000 Co-Founding Member, TNP Partners
2005 Director, TNP On The Road
Chairman  Masatoshi Go(CEO, TNP)
1982 Joined Japan Radiator (currently Calsonic Kansei)
1985 Joined Watami Food Service (currently Watami) upon establishment,moving up and finally appointed as Managing Director
2000 Co-founded TNP Partners
2007 Vice Chairman, Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA
2008 Board Member, Japan New Business Conference
2009 Chairman, Japan Venture Capital Association
2014 Managing Director,Japan Venture Capital Association (Present Special adviser)
2014 Vice Chairman,The Kanagawa New Business Conference
Investment maneger  Yutaka Shibata
1986 Joined Nomura Securities, Branch Sales Division 2002 Joined TNP Network Partners 2005 Seconded to TNP On The Road
Associate  CHO Seoyun
2009 Participated in an internship program at PARKER(a industrial parts maker, headquarters : Cleveland, USA)
2011 Joined in Hyundai/Kia Automotive's suppliers(engine parts). Japanese translator and a person in charge of trade at a technical lab.2019 Joined TNP Partners
Technology Adviser  Nobuo Kawase
1968 Entered Fujitsu Ltd. , 1980 Entered Canon Sales Co., 1997 Transferred to Canon, Inc., 2010 Set up JoiNTech as Representative Director, 2011 Became Director of TOR,  2013 Resigned as TOR Director and Assumed Technology Adviser Post.