TNP Partners (TNP)

Company Information

Company Name TNP Partners Corporation
Representative Chief Executive Officer  Masatoshi Go
Address Shin-yokohama SR Bldg. 8F, 3-6-1, Shin-yokohama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-City, Kanagawa, Japan, 222-0033
Capital Stock 100,000,000 yen
Foundation September 7, 2000
Stockholders Masatoshi Go, Katsuhiro Yamashita, etc.


Business Overview

■ Prospectus

Originally, Venture Support Mechanism “TSUNAMI” (later approved as a Non-Profit Organization-NPO) MINERVA was organized out of a partnership between Kanagawa Prefecture and local private companies and started in August 2000. It's objective was to create momentum based on inviting promising venture companies and the one hand, and excellent private resources on the other within Kanagawa Prefecture, in order for them to connect with each other and give life to the catchphrase: “Sourcing, supporting and nurturing venture companies to bring Kanagawa’s future alive.” MINERVA’s mission is to facilitate effective and continuous source, support for and nurturing of venture companies, especially those in Research and Development fields. MINERVA has the goal of bringing synergies from the private sector in Japan in cooperation with and complementing the “Local Platform” envisioned by Kanagawa Prefecture as a total, supportive system. Finally, to promote “MINERVA” activity further and in detail, the firm of TNP Partners Corporation (TNP) was established.

■ Mission and purpose

TNP’s mission is three-fold. First, to “raise the value of the supported venture companies.” Secondly, “to activate the economy”. Third, “to construct a Japanese comparable to Silicon Valley in Kanagawa” These goals are carried out by the participation of members (partners) based on their passion for supporting venture companies. As this activity is built upon, the basic purpose of TNP is achieved and its value is thereby generated, inevitably leading to TNP’s own prosperity.

■ Business philosophy

TNP’s activity, as a fresh, new paradigm of Japanese venture capital, centers on supporting venture companies and expanding its network, founded upon the philosophy of the Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA”, which has been established through collaboration between Kanagawa Prefecture and private companies. TNP works to establish such partnership of Industry, Government and Academia. “MINERVA” promotes this activity as a local business incubation platform and works as within the framework of cross-pollination of networks thus giving rise to the corporate value of the participants. TNP aims to generate a revival of the Japanese economy attributable to positive change of the Japanese industrial dynamic within Kanagawa, in addition to bringing about the Japanese “Silicon Valley” by promoting a “Creative Circle” comprised of people, resources, money and information. Such a mechanism increases the success rates of corporate growth and of the entrepreneurs themselves. In a nutshell, TNP’s three main pillars of business are a) planning and managing “MINERVA”; b) building and sustaining a vibrant network; and c) venture capital. Synergistic effect results from the dynamic interplay of all three.

■ Business Activities

① Plan and management of Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA
② Create and supply total across-the-board network
③ Value-creating venture capital business



Chief Executive Officer  Masatoshi Go
1982 Joined Nihon Radiator Co.,Ltd.(Present Calsonic Kansei Corporation)
1985 Joined Watami Food Service Co.,Ltd. (Present Watami Co.,Ltd.) upon establishment, moving up and finally appointed as Managing Director
2000 Co-founded TNP Partners Corporation
2007 Vice Chairman, NPO Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA
2008 Board Member, The Kanagawa New Business Conference
2009 Chairman, Japan Venture Capital Association
2014 Managing Director,Japan Venture Capital Association (Present Special adviser)
2014 Vice Chairman,The Kanagawa New Business Conference
Chairman  Takeo Minomiya
1962 Joined SONY, with long career rising among the ranks, finally appointed as Corporate Senior Vice President
2006 Founded Mino-San Farm Co. Ltd.
2008 Chairman, TNP Partners1962年
Director  Katsuhiro Yamashita(CEO, TOR)
1984 Joined Nomura Securities, Sales Division; followed by upward assignments to Hong Kong Branch, Investment Information Division,Corporate Division
2000 Co-Founding Member, TNP Partners
2003 Director, TNP Partners
2005 Chief Executive Officer, TNP On The Road
2007 Director, Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA
Associate Leader  Miki Ikumi
Attorney At Law, Administration Manager  Masahiko Hara
Administration Manager  Eiji Minohara
Administration Manager  Sachiyuki Nagashima
Technology Advisor  Tomihiro Nakagawa
1978 Joined Sony,engaged in R&D, design, and standardization of video device and opitical device.
2009 Technology Advisor, TNP Partners
Advisor  Akira Ogino
・Nomura Securities in 1966-1997.
IPO dept, Global finance dept, Global Markets Planning (Asia/Oceania region)joined Board Member Team and Executive Vice President of IPO dept in the year of 1990. as Executive director of Nomura Securities in 1996, managed capital markets and promoted IPOs.
・Nomura Corporate Information Ltd, 1997-2000
(associated company of Nomura Securities)Chief Executive Officer in the year of 1997 Assumed Chairman in the year of 2000.
・Nomura Securities and Nomura China Investment 2002-2005
Advisor ・Japan Asia Securities Co.,Ltd. 2005-2017
Advisor assumed Chairman in the year of 2005.
・Japan Asia Group Limited, 2017- Advisor
Advisor  Miwako kuno
After working for a private pharmaceutical company, transferred to METI. Served as the Assistant GM in both Resource and Energy Environment Department and Industry Department. 2009 Worked as the Senior Adviser in Joyo Industrial Research, LTD. & the Special professor of Saitama University. After 2010, the chairman of Research and Technology Planning Society.
Advisor  Kazue Matsumoto
1968 Entered Bank of Japan as Senior Examiner, 2001 Entered Central Tanshi as Managing Director-General Planning Director, 2007 Became President, Central Tanshi FX, Co., 2013, Became TNP Partners Adviser
Business Partner in Taiwan  H.M. Lin
Emax Tech Co.Ltd.  Chairman
Association for Taiwan-Japan Cooperation on Industry Technology Executive Director
Taiwan ITRI New Venture Association Executive Director
Alumni Association of NTHU Chemistry Dept.  Chairman