Cooperative organization (LINK)

Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA
Yokohama Advanced Package Technology Consortium


Advisory Board

Jitsuro Terashima Chairman, Japan Research Institute
President, Tama University
President, Terashima Bunko
Yoshio Ichiryu Representative Director & CEO, Ichiryu Associates, Inc.
Seiichi Takarabe Economic journalist
Chris Tan, Ph.D. Founding and Former Director of IMCB
Senior Counselor of A-IMBN
Tsuyoshi Taira CEO, Tazan International Inc.
Takami Sano Chief Director, K. Matsushita Foundation Matsushita Institute of Government and Management
Ken Sakamura Ph.D Director, Information Networking for Innovation and Design, Toyo University
Chairman, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory
TRON Project Leader
Yasuo Nishiguchi President, HANDY(K.K.)
Takeo Minomiya Chairman, TNP Partners Corporation
Representative Director, MINO-SUN FARM Co., Ltd.


Executive Mentor Club

As in the past, the emergence of growth for companies has been premised upon technology innovation, and this aspect is not expected to change in the future. A more specialized and sophisticated level of support for various R&D-oriented, high-potential venture companies gathering in this Open Innovation Platform is required. In ferreting out the next chances for growth based on new innovations, the knowledge and network of key personnel having various technical specialties and experience is vital. Seeing this need, TNP has been able to establish the "Executive Mentor Club" comprised of such individuals.

Takeo Minomiya President
Toshio Ishide : Production Engineering and Improvement
Eisaburo Iwamoto : Semiconductor technology, Management
Ryuzo Ohta : Mechanical Engineering
Koushu Ohno : Patent, Design Right, Brand, Copyright
Toshio Ohya : Product design
Haruo Kadosaka : Management, Finance
Nobuo Kawase : Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Tadao Kubodera : Components, television, and mobile products
Takaaki Koizumi : Printed Circuit Board
Hisashi Suwa : Overall components and product planning
Satoshi Sekimoto : Quality assurance and project guidance for improvement
Koji Homma : Production equipment for semiconductors and MEMS
Toshiyuki Yamauchi : Electronic/electric circuits, high frequency and other analog signal processing
Hideki Asai : Professor, Shizuoka University
Suguru Sawai : President, Hokkaido Information University
Sumiko Watanabe : Professor, the University of Tokyo
Tomihiro Nakagawa Coordinator
: Mechanical design and format planning of electronic/optic devices