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■ Jitsuro Terashima
Chairman, Japan Research Institute
President, Tama University
After serving in the research and corporate administrative divisions at Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and representing Japan at the Brooking Institution, he became President of MGSSI in 1999. Chairman at Japan Research Institute since 2001. Provides advice on current trends, international affairs, and business engineering. Charter Member of TSUNAMI Entrepreneurs Club. Appointed Chairperson of the Advisory Committee of the Venture Support Mechanism "MINERVA"

■ Yoshio Ichiryu
Representative Director & CEO, Ichiryu Associates, Inc.
After joining the Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI), he served as secretary to MITI ministers. Studied at Harvard University. Appointed as Director-General of the Kinki Regional Bureau of International Trade and Industry, Director-General for Policy Co-ordination. Keynote speaker at TSUNAMI Venture Fair in 2004. Charter Member of TSUNAMI Entrepreneurs Club. Appointed Member of the Advisory Committee of the Venture Support Mechanism "MINERVA"

■ Chris Tan, Ph.D.
Founding and Former Director of IMCB, Senior Counselor of A-IMBN
The founding and former (1987-2001) Director of Singapore’s Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), Senior Counselor A-IMBN. Concluded a study on regulatory mechanism of interferon and cytokine at Yale, John Hopkins School of Medicine, NIH, and the University of Calgary. He established IMCB, a research institute integrating cell signaling and genomics as an internationally recognized institution. After retiring from the IMCB in 2002, he is an advisor to Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore (A*Star) and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology.

■ Tsuyoshi Taira
Tazan International Inc. CEO
Previously worked in Semiconductor Division of Sanyo Electric, and Fairchild Semiconductor in the U.S. Went on to become Chairman of Sanyo Semiconductor USA. In 1996, established a venture capital firm, Tazan International in Silicon Valley. Numerous experiences as a hands-on capitalist, including raising Junglee(a search engine company) from seed funding.Junglee was acquired by Amazon for $ 210 million. He has been involved in TNP since its establishment in 2000. Appointed to the Advisory Committee to the Venture Support Mechanism “MINERVA” in 2003. Charter Member of TSUNAMI Entrepreneurs’ Club.

■ Takami Sano
Chief Director, Matsushita Institute of Government and Management
Joined Panasonic in 1966. After 3 years of secondment to PHP Institute from 1969, he had appointed as manager of the battery division, car-electronics division, FA equipment division. In 1989,as vice president of Panasonic, he oversaw Tokyo branch, car-electronics division, system division, device global marketing group that was handling semiconductor, electric device etc. Served outside director of Panasonic EV Energy, joint enterprise with Toyota for developing hybrid car battery and BS-TBS,BS broadcasting company. Panasonic advisory board member since 2008. Joined Matsushita Institute of Government and Management in 2009.

■ Ken Sakamura Ph.D
Professor, The University of Tokyo, The Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies
Ph. D, Engineering
Chairman, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory
TRON Project Leader
Specialist of computer architecture. Starting in 1984, Dr. Sakamura as Project Leader has come to develop the open computer architect "TRON", attracting considerable worldwide attention. At present, TRON is the most popular and significant embedded operating system for realizing a ubiquitous computing environment. In addition, he is planning extension of TRON architecture with wider design applications such as for computer-installed electric appliances, furniture, residences, municipalities, museums, etc.

■ Yasuo Nishiguchi
President, HANDY(K.K.)
1975 entered Kyocera Corporation. 1987 became General Manager and Director for Electronic Products Division. 1989 became Executive Managing Director and General Manager for Telecommunications Information Division. 1997 rose to post of Vice President. 2005 selected as chairman and CEO. 2006 became advisor to Board of Directors. 2007 Became Academic Fellow at Doshisha University, in addition to Senior Fellow of ITEC at Doshisha. Special Fellow for Japan Science and Technology Agency. Professor at Graduate School of Business for Doshisha University.

■ Takeo Minomiya
Chairman, TNP partners Corporation
Representative Director, MINO-SUN FARM Co., Ltd.
Involved in broad range of activities including design of audio & video equipment and semiconductor development, after joining Sony in 1962. Appointed Director of Production Engineering Research Institute and President of Recording Media & Energy Company of Sony. Contributed to the foundation of Sony’s production engineering as Corporate Senior VP in charge of components and semiconductor business from 1999 followed by Corporate Executive VP and Co-CQO (Chief Quality Officer) in charge of quality control concurrently appointed Corporate Executive Deputy President of Sony EMCS. Founded MINO-SUN FARM in 2006 and was appointed Representative Director.

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