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Originally, Venture Support Mechanism “TSUNAMI” (later approved as a Non-Profit Organization-NPO) MINERVA was organized out of a partnership between Kanagawa Prefecture and local private companies and started in August 2000. It's objective was to create momentum based on inviting promising venture companies and the one hand, and excellent private resources on the other within Kanagawa Prefecture, in order for them to connect with each other and give life to the catchphrase: “Sourcing, supporting and nurturing venture companies to bring Kanagawa’s future alive.” MINERVA’s mission is to facilitate effective and continuous source, support for and nurturing of venture companies, especially those in Research and Development fields. MINERVA has the goal of bringing synergies from the private sector in Japan in cooperation with and complementing the “Local Platform” envisioned by Kanagawa Prefecture as a total, supportive system. Finally, to promote “MINERVA” activity further and in detail, the firm of TNP Partners Corporation (TNP) was established.

Mission and purpose

TNP’s mission is three-fold. First, to “raise the value of the supported venture companies.” Secondly, “to activate the economy”. Third, “to construct a Japanese comparable to Silicon Valley in Kanagawa” These goals are carried out by the participation of members (partners) based on their passion for supporting venture companies. As this activity is built upon, the basic purpose of TNP is achieved and its value is thereby generated, inevitably leading to TNP’s own prosperity.

Business philosophy

TNP’s activity, as a fresh, new paradigm of Japanese venture capital, centers on supporting venture companies and expanding its network, founded upon the philosophy of the Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA”, which has been established through collaboration between Kanagawa Prefecture and private companies. TNP works to establish such partnership of Industry, Government and Academia. “MINERVA” promotes this activity as a local business incubation platform and works as within the framework of cross-pollination of networks thus giving rise to the corporate value of the participants. TNP aims to generate a revival of the Japanese economy attributable to positive change of the Japanese industrial dynamic within Kanagawa, in addition to bringing about the Japanese “Silicon Valley” by promoting a “Creative Circle” comprised of people, resources, money and information. Such a mechanism increases the success rates of corporate growth and of the entrepreneurs themselves. In a nutshell, TNP’s three main pillars of business are a) planning and managing “MINERVA”; b) building and sustaining a vibrant network; and c) venture capital. Synergistic effect results from the dynamic interplay of all three.

I  Plan and management of Venture Support Mechanism MINERVA

TNP stands on the premise, as a member of the “MINERVA” Management Committee, that is shall be an operation which truly motivates the generation, support and raising up venture businesses which will power Kanagawa Prefecture’s bright future. As “MINERVA” grows based on the support it receives from TNP, the role of TNP to lead venture businesses to success through this model is fulfilled.

Ⅱ Create and supply total across-the-board network

TNP carries out its role as “supplier of an across-the board network” in such roles as being an information course for and among Venture, Supporting and Assisting Members of “MINERVA”. TNP also supplies companies to be supported with the infrastructure comprised of independently-developed networks with an eye toward Increasingly raising corporate value, accordingly. TNP also, through the “MINERVA” anchor encompassing conventional organizations, groups and companies, aims to supply such a networking infrastructure, and thus contributing to the increased value-added aspects for corporations.

Ⅲ Value-creating venture capital business

TNP scours for R&D-oriented companies displaying “freshness”, “innovativeness” and “potentiality” regardless of industry type, and then appropriately invests in its role of direct financing. But not only that, TNP also operates through such value-creating venture capital activity. TNP brainstorms with companies, nurtures said partnership, and creates greater corporate value for the ventures by utilizing broad networks such as those incumbent in “MINERVA”.

TSUNAMI 2000-1 Limited Partnership’s management philosophy

TSUNAMI 2001-1 Limited Partnership is an investment fund designed for venture companies which was successfully solicited from Angel Investors who had themselves succeeded as entrepreneurs in Kanagawa. It has been one of the key roots at the genesis of “MINERVA” and an important supportive tool. The purpose is not pursuing short-term profit only. Rather, the fund which is managed by TNP maintains the philosophy of nurturing venture companies with the net effect of revitalizing both the Japanese and Kanagawa Prefecture and also sees that by-product as a method to ensure growth of the fund itself.

(IPO Track Record)
BeMap, Inc.      Listed on Hercules Exchange, January 30, 2002
UPGARAGE Corp.  Listed on Mothers’ Exchange, March 3, 2004
Shicoh         Listed on Mothers’ Exchange, August 18, 2004
AVIX (K.K.)      Listed on JASDAQ Exchange, April 21, 2005

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