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Current business conditions for venture businesses remain very tough. It is said the more that technologies or products possess innovative aspects at the final stages of development, the more difficult it is to recognize user needs as well as obtain profitability. For these reasons alone we see the extreme importance of "network". TOR has successfully created a support system for the more R&D-oriented companies by direct feedback and examination of such venture businesses by major companies, as these companies often have a proximity to market needs with respect to business matters and they are often occupy the closest position to the market directly. This is possible through the concept of a "Mentor Company System". Key individuals within these large corporations are thereby able to offer critical feedback to the venture companies in a systematic, thorough matter. This kind of important network has been found to be of great benefit for the venture businesses in their effort to increase the success rate of access to market.

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Omron Kajima Canon
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Tokyo Electric Power TOSHIBA Nissan Motors
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